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The Couch Potato Who said Ouch and Other Funny Stories.

So, why did Couch Potato say ‘Ouch’? How did Neelima’s world turn blue one day? What’s the story behind the missing photo in the Sharma family album? And who are the OG Spice Girls?

Get ready for a rollicking ride through the absurd and the amusing in this anthology of funny tales where inspiration strikes from the common cold and sneezes.

The Couch Potato Who Said Ouch and Other Funny Stories isn’t about fantasy or horror; it’s about the humour in real life. You might even recognise yourself in some of these stories. Or perhaps you’ll encounter characters who are just as bizarre and delightful as your wildest dreams.

Uncover the hilarious tales and get ready for some seriously side-splitting reading. Happy laughter-filled adventures await!

The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories 

Chaotic Butterfingers, aka Amar Kishen, and his misadventures return in this hilarious collection of 3-in-1 comics illustrated by Abhijeet Kini. From travelling to Texas to solving a shoe mystery to getting into trouble and then saving the day--Butterfingers does it all!

Brand new baby shoes in a pile of garbage invite Amar and his friends to unravel the mystery of the missing baby.

A trip to Texas and Amar's clumsiness take a rather unexpected turn to dizzying new heights!

Disaster strikes when Amar is tasked to run a marathon with his school principal leaving everyone with a case of the giggles.

So, drop everything and jump into this book . . . because where there's Butterfingers, there's bound to be fun, thrills and, of course, spills.

Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S.

Khyrunnisa and her husband, VK, decide to travel to the U.S for their daughter-in-law’s graduation ceremony. It’s their first time traveling abroad and what an adventure it turns out to be—full of peculiar restaurant rules, tipping norms, confusing subway stations, interesting places, and entertaining conversations.

In this relatable and giggle-inducing travelogue, Khyrunnisa returns to doing what she does best—finding humour in everyday life. We chuckle along and shake our heads in recognition, as we accompany her from one destination to another. Keenly observed and hilariously narrated, Chuckle Merry Spin is suffused with the joy of adventure and the warmth of friends and family. A book for all times.

Tongue in Cheek: The Funny Side of Life.
A fun collection of short articles that deals with everyday experiences in a humorous fashion, Tongue-in-Cheek has something for every reader. These easily relatable pieces on day-to-day encounters are a quick pick-me-up to drive stress away and look at the world with a chuckle. A light and easy read, the book encourages readers to laugh along. 

The Lizard of Oz and Other Stories

An inquisitive lizard gets caught in a shoebox. An Orange duck changes its luck. A lion agonizes over his lost teeth. A mosquito decides to spend its short life helping humans. Read about the exciting misadventures of various creatures as they wriggle and nibble their way out of tight spots in this collection of funny and sensitive short stories. 

The Crocodile Who Ate Butter Chicken for Breakfast and Other Stories

Animals and humans of all shapes and size gather together on the pages of this delightful anthology of stories by bestselling children’s author Khyrunnisa A. The Crocodile Who Ate Butter Chicken for Breakfast and Other Stories is a charming collection of stories of animals and people, their exciting lives and funny antics. Humorous and at times touching, this collection of bite-sized short stories is perfect for all readers, including animal lovers. 

Baby and Dubdub

When Rohan’s parents announce there is going to be a new baby in the house soon, Rohan does not hide his disappointment. Who wants a noisy baby, when what he really wants is a dog with a swishy tail, who will be his best friend? To his delight, enter Dubdub, the adorable Golden retriever. Together, Rohan and Dubdub do all kinds of things—play, bathe, even do homework. And then one day, comes baby Sheila into their lives. She is a cheerful but noisy baby and everyone loves her. Or do they? What does Dubdub feel about this new addition? Will baby and Dubdub ever become friends? And when one of them gets into trouble, who will be the one to save the other? From the author of the Butterfingers series comes this warm and funny story about friendship. After all, love is love, whether it is four-legged, or crawling on all fours. 

The Butterfingers Series

The Butterfinger series revolves around the hilarious escapades of thirteen-year-old Amar Kishen, a class VIII student of the fictitious Green Park Higher Secondary School. Amar's slip-grip methods and his clumsy antics earned him the nickname Butterfingers.

Butterfingers, named after Khyrunnisa's son, Amar, first appeared in 2006 in Tinkle, a popular fortnightly Indian children's magazine, as a regular comic-strip character. The illustrations were by Abhijeet Kini, the Mumbai-based illustrator and graphic artist.

The popular Butterfingers series, published by Puffin, began with the novel, 'Howzzat Butterfingers!', in 2010. This humorous cricket-based book was followed in 2012 by 'Goal, Butterfingers!', a rollicking football-based adventure novel which also includes a socially relevant environmental theme. The third in the series, ‘Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!' was published in 2015 and is another cricket-based novel with a hilariously farcical plot in which Amar and his friends invent a variation of cricket called ‘Crack It’ when the school’s cricket gear gets stolen. This game, played without cricket bats and balls, has its own absurd rules and generates immense fun.

'The Misadventures of Butterfingers', the fourth book in the series, came out in 2016 and is a collection of short stories. It was followed by two collections of delightful short stories, 'Run! It's Butterfingers Again!' in 2017 and 'Of Course It's Butterfingers!' in 2018. ​'Smash It, Butterfingers!' a fun-filled badminton-based novel and the seven in the series, came out in July 2021. 

In 2023, 'The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories', a hundred-page comic book with three rib-tickling stories featuring Butterfingers and illustrated by Abhijeet Kini was published.

Wall of Love

‘What great fun! It brings back long lost memories of my Prep School days’. 

Late Mansur Ali Khan (Nawab of Pataudi)

As a fellow butterfingers, I am a big fan of Amar of Class VIII. The whole world would be a dull place without dropped catches and broken dishes.

Ruskin Bond

The imaginative world conjured by Khyrunnisa in the Butterfingers stories is charming, witty and boisterous, full of good-humoured mischief and benign fun, stylishly and effortlessly evoked through the clear-eyed magic of her captivating prose. Khyrunnisa’s Butterfingers is a gift to the children of our nation!’ 

MP Sashi Tharoor

‘An exuberant mix of school, cricket and fun that bowled me over and kept me laughing from beginning to end. A delightful read.’ 

Rajiv Ouseph, former England No.1 and 2017 European Badminton Singles Champion

‘An exuberant mix of school, cricket and fun that bowled me over and kept me laughing from beginning to end. A delightful read.’ 

VVS Laxman

Whether your favourite subject in school is physics, English or PE, you’re bound to enjoy the charming and hilarious exploits of Butterfingers and his eclectic bunch of friends. Like a good game of cricket, it keeps you hooked till the very end! 

Mithali Raj

Great book! Wow, Khyrunnisa’s writing is more prolific than the great Gavaskar, who features prominently in this book, I dare say...

Cyrus Broacha

‘Khyrunnisa A.’s Butterfingers series has bowled over readers, cricketers and celebrities alike’ 

The Hindu

‘Butterfingers has indeed been attracting many young readers with his clumsiness and ludicrous schemes that take him right into the heart of trouble and then somehow out of it as well. The author truly knows how to keep her readers entertained’ 

New Indian Express

At an age when superheroes and mythology rule the roost in children’s literature, writer A. Khyrunnisa is a trailblazer... It is witty, based on the theme of sports and has real-life situations... Interestingly, the Butterfingers series is enjoyed by adults too, especially those interested in sports’ 

Times of India


Khyrunnisa A., prize-winning author of children’s fiction, loves reading, writing, arithmetic and children. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children’s magazine, Tinkle and her Butterfingers stories appeared in that magazine.

Her first book for adults, the bestselling Tongue in Cheek: The Funny Side of Life, a rib-tickling book, was published by Westland in 2019. This was followed in 2022 by Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S, a humorous travelogue about her trip to the U.S in 2018. This was also published by Westland.

The Butterfingers series of books, published by Penguin (Puffin), began in 2010 with Howzzat Butterfingers!, her first children’s novel. It was followed by Goal, Butterfingers! in 2012 and Clean Bowled, Butterfingers! in 2015. The Misadventures of Butterfingers, the fourth book in the Butterfingers series, is a collection of short stories and came out in 2016. It was followed by two more collections of short stories, Run, It’s Butterfingers Again! in 2017 and Of Course It’s Butterfingers! in 2018. ​'​​Smash It, Butterfingers!' a hilarious badminton-based novel and the seventh in the series, came out in July 2021. 

The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories, a one hundred page 3-in-1 comic book was published in May 2023. 

Her novella, Baby and Dubdub, was published by Talking Cub in 2021. She has written four books of short stories. One is a collection titled The Couch Potato Who Said Ouch and Other Funny Stories, published by Red Panda (Westland) in 2024, two are collections of animal stories titled The Crocodile Who Ate Butter Chicken For Breakfast and Other Stories published by Red Panda (Westland) in 2020 and The Lizard of Oz and Other Stories published by Scholastic in 2019, and her first collection is Lost in Ooty and Other Adventure Stories published by Unisun Publications in 2010.

Her stories appear regularly in Dimdima and other children’s magazines and she freelances for other publications too. Some of her stories, for children and for adults, have been published in various anthologies by Penguin Random House (Puffin), Children’s Book Trust, Speaking Tiger (Talking Cub), Westland Books (Red Panda) and Unisun Publications).

She worked as Associate Professor of English at All Saints’ College, Thiruvananthapuram, and is now a full-time writer.

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