The Misadventures of Butterfingers

The Hindu
This is a Butterfingers-style horror – with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in,” she says. With chills and a quite a few spills, needless to say. It’s also an original story. All the rest of the stories in the collection are elaborations of ones that have appeared in Tinkle in comic strip form.

Cyrus Broacha
Khyrunnisa’s done it again! She’s woken me up. And I take after my closest relative, the sloth, I sleep a lot ! Her racy and action-packed stories of Amar remind me of one of my favourite authors, Richmal Crompton . I got a crash course in Shakespeare, a memory recall of my own principal’s accident, and who doesn’t relate to roller skates disasters? It’s a lovely, rollicking throwback to one’s school years. Amar is a desi “William”. Khyrunnisa, I bow to thee.

Jerry Pinto
Butterfingers is back! That’s the good news for all those who have enjoyed Khyrunnisa’s wonderful character. And for those of you who don’t know who he is, what better way to begin than with these delightful short stories where a ghost walks the halls of the school and Shakespeare gets a mauling. Enjoy!

Ruskin Bond
As a fellow butterfingers, I am a big fan of Amar of Class VIII. The whole world would be a dull place without dropped catches and broken dishes.’

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