Baby and Dubdub

When Rohan’s parents announce there is going to be a new baby in the house soon, Rohan does not hide his disappointment. Who wants a noisy baby, when what he really wants is a dog with a swishy tail, who will be his best friend? To his delight, enter Dubdub, the adorable Golden retriever. Together, Rohan and Dubdub do all kinds of things—play, bathe, even do homework. And then one day, comes baby Sheila into their lives. She is a cheerful but noisy baby and everyone loves her. Or do they? What does Dubdub feel about this new addition? Will baby and Dubdub ever become friends? And when one of them gets into trouble, who will be the one to save the other? From the author of the Butterfingers series comes this warm and funny story about friendship. After all, love is love, whether it is four-legged, or crawling on all fours.