Of Course It's Butterfingers!

Mithali Raj, captain, Women’s Indian National Cricket Team
‘Whether your favourite subject in school is physics, English or PE, you’re bound to enjoy the charming and hilarious exploits of Butterfingers and his eclectic bunch of friends. Like a good game of cricket, it keeps you hooked till the very end!’

Robin Jeffrey, academic and writer, co-author of Waste of a Nation: Garbage and Growth in India
‘Who’s at his every-disaster-has-a-silver-lining best? Who can snatch defeat (almost) from the jaws of victory? The Wizard of the Woeful . . . the Foremost Lord of the Foul-Up . . . the Bumbling Baron of Blunders . . . of course it’s Butterfingers! I laughed, loved it and look forward to the rematch’

Cyrus Broacha
‘Great book! Wow, Khyrunnisa’s writing is more prolific than the great Gavaskar, who features prominently in this book, I dare say. Book No 6 in the butterfingers series is as fast paced as a Brett Lee delivery. She reminds me of Richmal Crompton and the ‘William’, series from when I was a child. Which was exactly the same weekend Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon without a bathing suit. But that’s a memory from a whole different series. Butterfingers kee Jai. (Loosely translated it means long live Butterfingers).’