Smash It, Butterfingers!

Smash it, Butterfingers!

‘The latest edition in the wonderful Butterfingers series Smash It, Butterfingers! shows Khyrunnisa at her entertaining best. Having launched (and enjoyed) every one of his previous adventures, I was delighted to follow Amar’s latest exploits, this time in a tale about badminton. An amusing, charming, rollicking children’s story-and for adults too, for whom it should bring back glorious memories of the joy and trepidation of school sports tournaments. A marvellous, addictive writer at the height of her powers!’ Shashi Tharoor

Look out! It’s Butterfingers again, and in smashing form!

There’s a lot going on in Green Park School. Ozymandias, a black cat, walks into classrooms and there’s a buzz about a badminton tournament that is to be played on Friday the thirteenth.

Sponsored by Brijesh K. Singh, an eccentric multimillionaire who loves badminton and hates superstitions, this tournament is good news for sports-crazy Amar Kishen, aka Butterfingers, and his friends.

Badminton practice begins, but can it be smooth sailing with talk of scams, superstitions and suspicions? Butterfingers sure has a lot on his hands!

Join Amar on his hilarious adventures as he defies luck with his madcap schemes. Let the game begin!