Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!

A new adventure with Butterfingers! What Amar, aka Butterfingers, really wants is to hold a cricket match to honour the memory of Colonel Nadkarni. Meanwhile, the principal wants the teachers of Green Park School to be more healthy and active. And so, Amar playfully writes a proposal for the teachers of the junior and senior schools to play a match against each other—which actually gets accepted.

But when the school’s cricket equipment gets stolen, Amar invents an exciting new game, ‘Crack It’, a variation of cricket played without proper cricket gear, to be played between Class VIII A and B.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride of adventure, intrigue and madness! Entertaining, uplifting and hilarious, this third novel featuring the beloved character, Butterfingers, will delight readers both old and new.

MP Shashi Tharoor
‘The book (Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!) has all the elements I liked as a child. The school comes to life in a most amusing way and the incorrigible young boy in the novel adds to the charm. The book is a page turner and the sports element makes it a compelling read.’

V.V.S Laxman
‘An exuberant mix of school, cricket and fun that bowled me over and kept me laughing from beginning to end. A delightful read.’

The New Indian Express
“The Green Park Higher Secondary School is faced with a hilarious crisis in Clean Bowled, Butterfingers!. The board of trustees of the school are working at resolving a crisis – the faculty of the school are found to be falling sick and thereby claiming medical reimbursements too frequently. The children write out a fake proposal suggesting that a cricket match be held between the teachers of the senior and junior schools.

“Amar being Amar, sends the proposal of the match against the teachers to the board instead of the one about the match between the children. The teachers are furious with him and so are the children who find that they have been cheated out of the match. The rest, I would like you to read in the book,” says the jovial author.”