Howzzat Butterfingers!

Watch out With Butterfingers around, nothing and no one is safe Amar Kishen is called Butterfingers by his parents, friends and also teachers. Books, balls, bats, people, anything can go flying when Butter is on the loose. As school term begins, the cricket team, of which Butter is appointed the vice-captain, has its task cut out—it has to win the Colonel Nadkarni Under 15 Inter-School Limited Overs Cricket Trophy. The team starts practicing in earnest, but disasters follow in quick succession. The star all-rounder breaks his hand; the captain has his fifteenth birthday too soon; and, worst of all, the school is about to lose its playground.

Now it is up to Amar to lead the team to victory and save the day. But can he? His white trousers are at the cleaners on the day of a crucial match; his wicketkeeper has the attention span of a butterfly; and arch rivals Blossoms School do the unthinkable—they include girls in their team All this and more keep Amar and his team on their toes. Will they win the coveted trophy and save their school’s grounds—or will it slip from their grasps like a classic Butterfingers catch?