The World of Butterfingers: Adventure in Texas and Other Stories

Chaotic Butterfingers, aka Amar Kishen, and his misadventures return in this hilarious collection of 3-in-1 comics illustrated by Abhijeet Kini. From travelling to Texas to solving a shoe mystery to getting into trouble and then saving the day--Butterfingers does it all!

Brand new baby shoes in a pile of garbage invite Amar and his friends to unravel the mystery of the missing baby.

A trip to Texas and Amar's clumsiness take a rather unexpected turn to dizzying new heights!

Disaster strikes when Amar is tasked to run a marathon with his school principal leaving everyone with a case of the giggles.

So, drop everything and jump into this book . . . because where there's Butterfingers, there's bound to be fun, thrills and, of course, spills.