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Obsessed with football, Amar comes up with a brilliant plan a school football tournament where each class will play as a different country. But like all Butterfingers plans, this too is doomed to run into obstacles. First there are more girls in school (meaning, more trouble!), then the new English teacher, Sourpuss, puts a stop to football practice; to top it all, when Amar and his friends participate in a protest rally, trying to prevent a pesticide factory from coming up, their Princi hands out match bans. With things hitting rock bottom, will Amars class finally lift the World Cup? And with Butterfingers as the goalie, does his team really have a chance?

Full of action and adventure, Goal, Butterfingers!, the second book in the Butterfingers series, will make you lose yourself in the hilarious exploits of Amar and his friends as they hurtle through various hare-brained schemes.


SK – Published on Another exciting adventure featuring the irrepressible Amar (aka Butterfingers) and his friends! Clumsy but well meaning, Amar (along with his friends) organizes and competes in a football tournament in school, encounters mysterious new teachers and neighbours andprotests against an environmentally hazardous pesticide factory about to come up in town.

Lots of action, fun and twists and turns! What makes this book really engaging and fun? The characters are real, sharply etched and identifiable for any school kid (or adult for that matter who hasn’t forgotten his or her childhood); the situations are funny and well plotted; the language captures the spirit of school days; and the suspense is maintained till the last page. Like the Jennings books or the Wodehouse school tales (e.g. The Gold Bat or The Tales of St Austin’s), these books about Butterfingers evoke an atmosphere of carefree school days, gentle humour and a positive world view. The author does add her own distinctive touch and makes the settings clearly Indian, even as her characters remain identifiable for children around the world.

Shrada – Published on :Goal, Butterfingers! is a story of how ‘kids’ make it big in the world of grownups. These children have got their stuff right – be it soccer, environmental activism, or bunking for a “greater good”. It depicts how our youngsters are these days – thinkers who are sensitive to the society’s ways, and yet “chilled” out. Its amazing how the writer manages to get the in-thing of this new generation, with their “like-like” talks and crazy ideas to change the world, imbibed perfectly into a realistic school-days scenario. Read more.



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