From two delighted Butterfingers fans

Daughter 1 (9th grade)

“Amma, I am not emotional when I read my books. But when I am reading this series I am laughing out loud. Have you heard me? …… You should read it Amma….. It’s very funny!! I like to read the book than a comic!”

Daughter 2 (6th grade)

“I run to akka and share the joke or ask her if she paid attention to that part when she read it. We talk to each other about the characters and story, Amma. It was originally a comic and then Mam made it into a book!!!”

Thank you Khyrunnisa mam for inspiring a lot of children including Veda and Sruthi to read and thanks to Deepa Ram for introducing  Butterfingers to my girls!!

From Vani Viswanathan 

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