Book Review: The Misadventures Of Butterfingers – Utterly, Butterly, Entertaining! by

The feisty Khyrunnisa A. is spot on, yet again, with her collection of short stories and a novella, The Misadventures of Butterfingers, the fourth in the series of Butterfingers stories, published in June 2016 by Puffin, an imprint of Penguin for children’s literature.
The author’s talent for hitting off life-like characters is in ample evidence, with a gallery of unforgettable portraits like the ones mentioned above and others like the fat Mrs. Mehta, the “cool dude” exchange student Pranav Rao, the land grabbing Mr. Prageeth, the sleazy Wasan, etc., not to mention the “regulars” like Amar’s long suffering parents, his friends, the Principal, and the staff. The characters are all well developed, and familiar now to all Butterfingers-lovers, and there are enough new characters popping up now and then to save the series from predictability. The illustrations by Abhijeet Kini well match the characters as they come alive in our imagination.

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